Wart and verruca removal is available at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford.

A wart is a skin growth caused by a viral infection. A verruca is a type of wart.

If you are having problems with a stubborn lesion that just won’t go away, or you are concerned about how it is affecting your appearance, why not take decisive action?

Wart and verruca removal is a simple procedure that takes very little time to perform.

Eradicate this irritating condition that has been plaguing your life in infuriating ways.

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Verruca and wart removal at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford
Before and after verruca and wart treatments at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

How Do I Know If I Have a Wart or Verruca?


There are several different types of wart. Most have a firm, rough feel and a ‘cauliflower’ appearance. They are skin coloured, or slightly darker than skin-coloured.

Mosaic warts form in clusters, commonly spread over areas of the hands or feet.

Plane warts can look like a rash of spots. They are round, flat and may appear yellow.

The palms, knuckles, knees, fingers and soles of feet are the most usual places to develop a wart, but these lesions can occur anywhere on the body.

Warts are not normally painful unless aggravated by clothing or pressure, though they can itch and are often a source of embarrassment if visible to other people.


Verrucas are a type of wart. They most commonly occur on the feet and can usually be identified by tiny black dots under the hard skin.

They may cause discomfort if walking puts pressure on them. Sometimes you may experience a sharp, shooting pain like standing on a needle.

How Do Warts and Verrucas Form?

Warts and verrucas are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus infects the skin, causing growths to form.

This is why many warts, and especially verrucas, are infectious.

Verrucas are commonly picked up in communal areas where people have bare feet, such as public baths or exercise studios. They are more infectious in wet conditions.

If you have a wart or verruca, be aware that you could be passing the virus on to other people.

To prevent spreading HPV, wash your hands after touching a wart or verruca; change your socks daily if the lesions are on your feet; and cover them with a plaster when swimming or walking barefoot in public places. Make sure not to share any clothing or towels that have made contact with the wart or verruca.

What’s the Best Way To Get Rid of Warts and Verrucas?

Warts and Verrucas usually disappear on their own, but this may take months or even years.

Pharmacies supply creams, sprays and special types of plaster designed to treat warts and verrucas. Unfortunately, these treatments can take months to complete and may be ineffectual in the end.

There are many cases of warts and verrucas stubbornly coming back after they have disappeared. In this case, seeing a skin specialist might be your best course of action.

Wart and Verruca Removal at MySkyn, Bradford

Book a consultation with the Bradford MySkyn Clinic to speak to a skin specialist about possible treatments for your skin lesion.

At our Bradford clinic, we offer two types of wart and verruca removal treatment:

Cryotherapy – This treatment uses liquid gas to freeze the lesion so that it naturally falls away. Cryotherapy can have immediate results, but sometimes it takes a week for the lesion to drop off.

Minor Surgery – This involves the use of a small blade or scalpel to remove the wart or verruca. Sometimes these lesions can have a deeper root in the skin and surgery is the best way to dig them out.

For both of these procedures, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb any pain or discomfort.

You will be free to leave the clinic immediately after your appointment. The lesion will be dressed and we will give you instructions on aftercare.

Why Choose MySkyn Clinic in Bradford?

 MySkyn Clinic is CQC registered and led by our experienced surgical and aesthetic doctor, Dr. Qureshi.

The MySkyn Clinic is fully equipped with the latest specialist equipment, and with a team dedicated to providing transparent, honest advice.

Many people who come to us for wart removal have warts on prominent parts of their body, such as their face. This can have a big impact on their self confidence in the way they look. We recognise the important job we do in making people feel more comfortable with themselves through our treatments.

MySkyn is an all female run clinic. We speak both Urdu and Punjabi if you require.

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