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Get plumped lips that complement your natural beauty at MySkyn Clinic—your go-to spot for getting lip fillers (Bradford).

At MySkyn Clinic, we offer lip fillers as a quick and cost-effective procedure to restore the volume and define the natural shape of your lips. We inject hyaluronic acid with minimal risks and recovery time, and you can see the lip fillers before and after the results yourself.

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What are Lip Fillers?

Lip filler is a popular way to increase or restore volume in your lips for a defined and plump look. This non-surgical but minimally invasive procedure injects a gel-like substance into your lips. It aims to improve the appearance of our lips by adding volume, definition, and symmetry to them, as well as enhancing your natural beauty.

Material for Lip Filler Injection

A lip filler treatment injects hyaluronic acid, a gel-like material, into the lips. Your body naturally produces this acid to keep your skin hydrated and maintain its volume. During a lip filler treatment, we inject hyaluronic acid to restore volume and moisture to our skin, which naturally decreases as we age.

How do lip fillers work?

Injecting hyaluronic acid into your lips defines their shape and gives them a fuller appearance. It works by: 

  • Boosting Hydration : Hyaluronic acid retains moisture, injecting it into lips increases tissue hydration for fuller, suppler lips.
  • Increasing Volume : Hyaluronic acid in filler gel adds volume to the skin, promoting natural lip shape by increasing hydration.
  • Slow Dissolving : Hyaluronic acid in lip fillers naturally breaks down over time, allowing lips to return to their natural shape and permitting touch-ups as needed.

Ideal Candidates for Lip Fillers

Lip fillers help you achieve fuller, plumper lips that enhance your natural beauty. Ideal, candidates for lip filler injections include

  • Adults: Lip fillers can benefit any healthy individual over the age of 18 can benefit from the results of lip fillers. 
  • Individuals with thin lips: Those with naturally thin lips seeking to achieve a fuller shape and increased volume in their lips
  • Asymmetry: People with uneven lips have little or no volume.
  • Desire for enhanced shape: Anyone looking to add more volume and improve their lips’ natural shape and definition
  • Age-related changes: Individuals experiencing age-related volume loss in their lips want to restore volume and achieve a fuller appearance.
  • Fine line: Women or men looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the lips

 If you think you are the right candidate to get lip fillers in Bradford, before booking an appointment, it’s a good practice to talk to the medical professional. They will assist you in discussing your goals, assessing your candidacy, and determining the most appropriate treatment approach based on your specific needs.

From £200


Lip Fillers Before and After Transformations

Are lip fillers safe?

Yes, lip fillers are generally considered safe when you get them done by an experienced medical professional. At MySkyn Clinic, we use only FDA-approved products and stick to safety protocols. Moreover, hyaluronic acid is biocompatible, meaning it is well accepted by the body and less likely to cause any serious side effects or complications.

Lip fillers simply increase the natural hyaluronic levels, making them a safe and organic way of replenishing youth and enhancing beauty.

The Benefits of Lip Filler Treatment

When you get lip fillers from an experienced medical professional, you may experience the following benefits:

  • Increasing lip volume
  • Fuller and more defined contorted lips
  • Improved lip shape and symmetry
  • Smooth out your lips and the surrounding area.
  • Restored fullness and youthful appearance
  • natural-looking results
  • Minimal to no pain.
  • Long-lasting results

Side Effects

There are no serious side effects to getting a lip filler. However, you may experience minor effects, such as

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • It hurts to touch 
  • Redness
  • Lumps or bumps

These are normal and settle within 2–3 days. If you notice any of these effects becoming severe or not settling, you should talk to your medical practitioner.

Lip Fillers, Bradford—Experience at MySkyn Clinic

At MySkyn Clinic, we provide a personalised and comfortable experience for each of our clients. Here is what your experience with lip fillers at MySkyn Clinic will look like.


Your journey starts with a detailed medical consultation with Dr. Uzma Qureshi, discussing your medical history, aesthetic goals, and expectations. Dr. Qureshi will then conduct a comprehensive facial assessment to evaluate your lips’ anatomy and shape. Afterward, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan and schedule your appointment.

The Lip Filler Procedure

The procedure is quick and minimally invasive, usually taking about 30 minutes. Our skilled practitioner applies numbing cream to minimise pain, ensuring a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. Using fine needles or blunt-ended cannulas, the practitioner injects the filler with precision to achieve your desired results.


You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results and minimise side effects. Some swelling or pain, typically subsiding within 48 hours, may occur.


To ensure you get proper guidance and support, we schedule follow-up appointments to review your results and make necessary adjustments. Your satisfaction is the priority at MySkyn Clinic.

Post-treatment Expectations

You can expect immediate results after getting your lip fillers done. But keep in mind that results continue to develop over a period of 4 weeks. 

After the treatment, you may experience mild discomfort, swelling or bruising around your lips. At MySkyn Clinic, we provide our clients with post-treatment care tips and home care guidance for a better experience.

At a Glance

Treatment Time
Less than 30 Minutes

Topical anaesthetic applied to skin




Every 6 months


From £200



Lip Fillers Costs

Dermal filler – 0.5ml£200
Dermal filler – 1ml£325

Why Choose MySkyn Clinic?

Expert TeamCQC Registered ClinicFDA- approved Products
Personalised Treatment Specialised Cosmetic TreatmentsComfortable Environment

Under the guidance of our experienced surgical and aesthetic doctor, Dr. Qureshi, we work closely with you to ensure you receive the perfect treatment for your needs. Our honest, professional, and clear advice is what keeps our clients coming back. We are committed to providing professional lip fill treatments in Bradford.

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Lip filler FAQ’s

How long does lip filler stay?

Lip fillers are not permanent, they last for about 12 to 18 months. However, the duration varies from person to person depending on factors like the body’s metabolism and the amount of filler injected.

Is lip filler treatment a surgery?

No, lip filler treatment is not a surgery but it is a minimally invasive process. It involves injecting lip filler substance into your lips for desired outcomes.

Is lip filler treatment painful?

No, lip filler treatment is generally not painful because the practitioner applies numbing cream before injecting fillers into your lips. You might only feel a little discomfort during the procedure.

How to take care after getting lip fillers?

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Apply ice on the lips according to your doctor’s advice
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  4. Massage your lips lightly
  5. Avoid alcohol and smoking 
  6. Eat less salty food

Can you smile after getting lip fillers?

Mouth activities like smiling, talking, and pursing your lips will not affect your lip fillers. You can easily perform these activities.

How can lip fillers be removed?

To dissolve your lip fillers, you will get an injection of hyaluronidase—-an enzyme that breaks hyaluronic acid. Talk to your doctor, and they will assist you in this regard.

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