Anti Wrinkle Injections in Bradford

Anti-wrinkle injections Bradford

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the ageing process, but there are ways to reduce their appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections in Bradford offer a safe and effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles and give you back a youthful look.

Anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox injections are one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments available. They help to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles such as frown lines, laughter lines and smokers lines. 

At MySkyn Clinic, we can help you achieve a smoother and younger complexion with anti-wrinkle injections. Our team of experts tailor our treatments to suit your needs. We will create a bespoke treatment plan that will help you get the best results. 

Anti-wrinkle treatment 

Anti-wrinkle injections use a naturally occurring protein called botulinum toxin. It is a purified protein that is isolated from the bacteria Clostridium. 

Anti-wrinkle injections work by using small doses of botulinum toxin to stop signals from the nerves to the muscle. Injections are made into specific facial muscles that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. This helps to temporarily treat lines and relax wrinkles to give you a smoother and younger look. 

Even if you don’t have many lines showing, Botox injections can help delay the development of deep lines and wrinkles. This will require regular top-up treatments. 

At MySkyn Clinic, we are a doctor-led aesthetics clinic that includes the expertise of Dr Qureshi. She helps our patients improve the appearance of their wrinkles, while still allowing movement in the muscle. This provides a much more natural look.

What are the benefits of anti-wrinkle treatments in Bradford

Anti-wrinkle injections can help treat dynamic wrinkles. These are wrinkles that result from smiling, frowning and other facial expressions. We can treat multiple areas of the face such as crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles and lines between the eyebrows. 

If you have static lines that remain on your face when it is relaxed, you may benefit from dermal filler treatment. Dermal fillers plump up deep wrinkles and restore volume to your face.

Botulinum toxin injections are also an effective treatment for a variety of other medical and cosmetic problems. Here at MySkyn Clinic Dr Qureshi can treat the following with anti-wrinkle treatment:

  •       Excessive sweating (underarms)
  •       Gummy smile (too much gum showing when smiling)
  •       Teeth grinding and masseter muscle reduction
  •       Neck lifts and platysmal band reduction
  •       Bunny (nose) lines
  •       Frown lines (between your eyebrows)
  •       Droopy corners of the mouth
  •       Droopy nose tip
  •       Dimpled chin
  •       Realign muscles around the eyes and relieve double vision
  •       Eyebrow lift

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How long do the results of anti-wrinkle injections last?

You can expect your results to last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your skin type, lifestyle and treatment area. 

You will see an improvement in your wrinkles and facial appearance within 24 hours after your treatment. However, it can take two weeks for the full results to show. Anti-wrinkle treatment is not permanent, so you will need to have top-up treatments to maintain your results.

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

Some of our patients find the treatment mildly uncomfortable. This is true of anyone with sensitive skin. To make your treatment experience as comfortable as possible, we will apply an anaesthetic numbing cream to the area first. 

What are the side effects?

You may experience some redness, swelling and bruising after your treatment. This is completely normal and usually disappears within 24 hours. Dr Qureshi will provide you with aftercare advice so that you can get the most out of your results.

You can go back to work straight away. However, you should not do any strenuous exercise for up to 24 hours. Walking and other forms of low-impact exercise are fine. Do not massage the treatment area for the first 4 hours. You can still wash your face and apply make-up.

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost in Bradford?

At MySkyn Clinic, we tailor our treatment packages to meet the needs of each patient. Dr Qureshi will work with you to decide how much anti-wrinkle treatment you will need and which areas you will benefit from having treatment.

As an example, one area of anti-wrinkle injections starts from £165. If you want treatment for excessive sweating, it will cost £450. Check out our treatment prices page for more details.

Check out our anti-wrinkle treatment results

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