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MySkyn Clinic’s top tips to keep your skin glowing this winter

The cold wintery air is back? so before your skin gets a chance to be affected by the cold dry winds, start prepping it with a good skin care routine to keep it looking fresh and glowing. Here are MySkyn Clinic’s top tips:

Moisturise with the correct moisturiser this winter

You may find the moisturiser or serum you use throughout warmer seasons is not as effective now. Skin can get really dry, tight and flaky in winter so you may need a richer, oil-based moisturiser to get you through the next few months.

Keep hydrated- DRINK-DRINK-DRINK!

For some of us drinking a few litres of water a day comes naturally. For those of us who struggle with it, try and keep a bottle next to you at your desk, in your bag or in the car and just sip away as often as you can

Exfoliation at home or as part of a professional facial

Occasional exfoliation can really help get rid of the old dead skin cells which can give you a dull, less refined appearance. Exfoliation instantly helps reveal a brighter glowing complexion.

Wash with lukewarm water & and say no to soaps!

Using lukewarm water on your skin instead of cold or hot water will help your skin to retain some of those much-needed natural oils. Avoid using soaps as they are often full of fragrance, chemicals and alcohols which can strip the skin of its good oils.

Keep on with the SPF ? An SPF (30 or higher) is a must!

It may look like the sun isn?t shining outside but UVA and UVB rays are still present which are most damaging to our skin.

Exercise and keep active

Exercise increase circulation and oxygenation and gets rid of unwanted toxins which over time will help with a radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Healthy snacking

Veggies such as cucumber and celery have a high-water content which is a great snack to keep you hydrated from within. Other great fruit and veg which are rich in Vitamin C therefore have a antioxidant effect on our skin are sweet potato, carrots and red peppers, blueberries, raspberries beetroot and spinach.

Turn the heating down

We don?t need to turn the heating off completely just turn it down to avoid the skin becoming dry and irritated. Consider a humidifier at home as it can really pump some moisture into the air and keep it well circulated.