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Lipofirm PRO Body Contouring

Sometimes no amount of diet or exercise will reduce that suborn area of fat!

Help is at hand with the Lipofirm Pro. The most advance solution for non-invasive body and facial sculpting and Skin tightening.

This TriLipo treatment uses a triple action mechanism that simultaneously: Reduces fat, tightens skin, reshapes/contours and tones muscles using Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA).

  • Benefits include: Long-term results, non-invasive, clinically proven, immediate visible results, walk-in walk-out procedure.
  • Treatment time: 25 min per area
  • Cost: 50% off course offer ?480
  • Frequency: 1 per week for 8 weeks

Our client having Lipofirm treatment in her outer thighs as it has been a stubborn area for her to tone regardless of being gym workouts and a healthy balanced diet. You can see how the muscle contracts a as the treatment takes place. This is a great outcome and means the client will most definitely see some great results even from the first session.