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Keep it glowing this Christmas…

With the festive season here, it?s fair to say most of us like to add a little more makeup for some added dazzle! Healthy, naturally glowing skin can ooze radiance which means less time and effort needed on matching foundations, colour correcting, false lashes, the list goes on…

Here are our top tips to get ?skin ready? this Christmas:

☆ Avoid breakouts just before a New Year’s party!

Daily irritants and makeup can build upon our skin and block our pores, leading to pimples and breakouts. invest in a good cleanser and use it religiously day and night.
A glycolic wash is great to get a deep clean for normal or oily skin, whilst a lipid-based wash is more suitable for a dry skin.

? Prime the skin

We all want skin that?s soft and smooth so it looks great natural or is prepped for makeup to glide over flawlessly. Simple exfoliation facials or chemical peels, as well as LED phototherapy, can help rejuvenate the skin. These are simple and quick treatments which can be done in a lunch break. There is no downtime, making a great skin pick up for a Christmas work do.

☆ Even out the skin tone

Using the correct products such as Vitamin C, Retinol and Kojic acid can help with a healthy, even skin tone so less colour correcting makeup is needed. Regular use of these products can reduce the appearance of sun damage, age spots and pigmentation so you get a clearer looking complexion.

☆ Glow the natural way

A natural skin glow means you don?t have to rely on highlighter on a daily basis. Skin treatments such as the GeneO+ Super facial and Dermalux are great for a long-lasting dewy complexion… just a few sessions of these facials can help get you to get that silky-smooth glow this season.

☆ Facial contouring without makeup

An experienced medical practitioner can help create more definition and structure to the face using Botox or fillers. Advanced techniques now can give a natural lift and definition to the face, as well as minimising or enhancing certain features. Results can be long lasting so there won?t be a need to use the contour palette daily!

☆ Lash growth without false lashes

The use of lash serums with growth factors is a great way to get length and thickness to your own lashes. The serum is really quick and simple to apply compared to false strip lashes. This method of lash enhancement is preferred over lash extensions as its less damaging to the natural lashes and there is no risk of any nasty infections.

☆ Hydrate the skin from within

A high-end filler, Juv?derm Volite, can be used to hydrate the skin from within. It uses hyaluronic acid for super hydration, which would otherwise take over several weeks to take effect even with a really good serum or moisturiser. The results are a plump, smooth skin with improvements in fine lines, but best of all its long lasting.