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Celebrities and medical professionals talk about Lipofirm

Katie Price

?So pleased with the first treatment on non-surgical bumlift #lipofirmpro my bum feels so good?

Katie Price TV Presenter & Model and Lipofirm Pro

Marnie Simpson

?Having my Lipofirm PRO body treatment. Can already see an amazing result after my 1st one. Can?t wait for me next?

Closer Magazine article about Jordan's ?20K surgery shopping list

Fearne McCann

?Having my head to toe Lipofirm PRO treatment, starting with the booty?

Lizzy Cundy TV Presenter & Model and Lipofirm Pro

Professor I. Whitaker

Being one of the only two professors of plastic surgery in the UK, he has this to say about the Lipofirm PRO: ?I was very cynical with the claims being made and the before and after images I have seen, but I have been amazed. I honestly believed as a plastic surgeon the traditional methods of using the knife would only create these results Lipofirm PRO is achieving?

The Observer newspaper page mentioning Lipofirm Pro

Dr D. Patel

?Having enjoyed the Lipofirm PLUS for many years, I upgraded with confidence to the Lipofirm PRO, having thoroughly researched its unique patented combination technology. Even in the first few weeks, we were pleased to hear highly positive feedback from patients who had had just one or two treatments, be it for the face or body. My favourite is what it does to cellulite! A shorter treatment time and course duration also means the whole process is not too drawn out for patients. Simply an all-around winner!?