Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is a procedure that can be performed if you have folds of loose skin or fat bulges on your upper eyelid.

These can result in a ‘hooded’ appearance in your upper eyelids and patients often tell us that they do not like how their eye-shadow looks or have stopped wearing it altogether.

The procedure is a specialist procedure performed by Mr Sharif Al-ghazal under local anaesthetic.  He will remove the excess skin and you will be left with stitches. Bruising lasts about one week and we would recommend a return to work after the bruising and swelling has subsided. The stitches will usually be removed after 7 days. The scar is in the natural crease of the eyelid and fades with time, usually being very faint within a few months.

You will have a detailed consultation and assessment by Mr Al-ghazal before the procedure is performed.

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