Skin Lumps and Bumps

The good news is that most skin lumps and bumps are no cause for concern and can be safely removed. Once the lump/bump has been fully assessed it can be removed under local anesthetic by Mr Sahrif Al-ghazal, consultant plastic surgeon.

Types of lumps and bumps

Moles – brown, black or pink flat lesions in the skin. Most are innocent but any mole that is changing or causing symptoms needs checking by a doctor.

Milia – multiple white bumps appearing under the skin, usually around the eye or nose.

Lipoma – collection of fat cells that can be felt under the skin. These are usually not painful but can grow slowly to be large in size.

Cysts – these can form when a hair follicle or gland gets blocked. They can be felt in the skin as small swellings. Occasionally they can get infected

Skin tags -benign,skin coloured growths on the skin, that are often connected by a thin stalk.


You should choose to have these removed by an experienced plastic surgeon, such as Mr Al-ghazal, in order to get the best cosmetic result possible. Most specimens removed are sent for histological examination to confirm the diagnosis. There is an additional charge for this.