Scar Treatments

Scar treatments can sometimes consist of minor surgery to help specific types of scars to heal.

Scars are formed by the natural healing process where collagen gathers at the site of a wound or injured skin.

There can be different types of scars and the treatment options will vary dependant on the type of scar.

Atrophic Scars

These are due to a loss of tissue at the wound and result in a depressed or flat scar.

Treatment options include micro-needling to stimulate the collagen, dermal fillers and laser treatments,

Hypertrophic Scars

These are due an over-zealous response in the healing process and result in a scar that is raised and lumpy.

Silicone sheets, steroid injections and laser treatments can help reduce the scar where there is hypertrophy.

Keloid Scars

In this type of scar, the healing process has been aggressive and results in a scar that is raised and has spread or widened beyond the original wound.

Keloid scars can be difficult to treat but steroid injections and silicone sheets have shown improvement in some patients.

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