Lip fillers are a very popular way of creating volume and definition in the lips.

MySkyn Clinic in Bradford offers lip fillers as a quick and cost-effective alternative to surgical methods.

Lip fillers are administered through a minimally invasive injection of dermal filler. This contains hyaluronic acid; a substance that occurs naturally in the body to improve the elasticity, volume and hydration of the skin.

With minimal risk, no recovery time and zero pain, lip fillers are an ideal treatment option to bring out the best in your lips.

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Thin Lips Treatment at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford
Before and after thin lips treatment at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

How do lip fillers work?

The lip filler injection has a base of hyaluronic acid. A natural substance produced by the body, hyaluronic acid production decreases as we age. This means that our skin loses its firmness and flexibility, leading to wrinkles and loose skin.

Lip fillers simply top up natural hyaluronic levels, making them a safe and organic way of replenishing youth and enhancing beauty.

How does the lip filler procedure work?

First, you will go through a detailed consultation process in which we can discuss the right treatment plan for you. You can book a consultation with our aesthetics expert, Dr Qureshi, here. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have, and for us to determine the results you are looking to achieve.

The lip filler injection itself can be at a time of your choosing and only takes 30 minutes. You can be in and out, going about your day in under an hour. The filler gel is administered using a fine needle or cannula, injected directly into the lips. We will offer you a local anaesthetic to numb any potential pain from the injection, though the discomfort is minimal.

Results are immediate but continue to develop over a period of 4 weeks. Your lips may feel tender and swollen for up to 48 hours after the procedure.

About MySkyn Clinic, Bradford

CQC registered, MySkyn Clinic is led by our experienced surgical and aesthetic doctor, Dr. Qureshi. We work with you closely to make sure that you get the perfect treatment for your needs. Our honest, professional and clear advice is what keeps our clients coming back.

Lip fillers at MySkyn will always be designed to compliment your natural features, appearing subtle and natural. We will only use the best quality fillers that comply with European standard and regulation.

Your comfort and safety comes above all else. Considering any body modification is a big step, and we will be here to support you along your journey with progress reviews and aftercare.

Learn more about us and how we work here.

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About Bradford

Bradford is located in West Yorkshire, in the centre of the UK. It is easily accessible, connected via road, rail and plane to anywhere in the country.

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Bradford has a long and fascinating history. It holds over 4,000 listed buildings and has earned titles as the ‘Wool Capital of the World’ and the ‘Curry Capital of Britain’. Bradford boomed into an international trading centre after the industrial revolution and has continued to grow into a place of world renown. The ‘model village’ of Saltaire is located there – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, home to the National Science and Media Museum.

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