When you suffer from acne scars, it can be difficult to find a treatment that works for you and your skin. This is where you can benefit from the help of skin care specialists who provide face scars treatment in Bradford

MySkyn Clinic is a doctor-led skin clinic that has over 30 years’ experience in providing body and facial treatments. We help patients through both acne treatment and acne scar treatment so that they can achieve clear and smooth skin that boosts their self-esteem. 

From acne laser treatment to skin peels and microneedling, we have a treatment that will work for every skin type and skin concern. With a bespoke treatment plan, you will see great results that leave you with a healthy and radiant complexion. 

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Why do I have acne scarring?

Our patients often ask – why do I have acne scars and others who have acne do not? Unfortunately, there is more than one reason and it varies. 

One of the biggest reasons you develop acne scarring is genetics. If you have a family member who suffers from acne scars, it is likely that you might too. 

Another factor is when our skin starts to lose collagen as we age. How does this impact the development of acne scars? When your skin has a breakout, collagen helps the skin to repair itself. However, when your skin produces too much or too little this can result in scars forming. 

Acne scarring is most common in people who have inflammatory acne. This is a more severe acne that causes inflamed blemishes such as pimples, nodules and cysts. Acne starts when sebum (a natural oily substance) mixes with dead skin cells to block your hair follicles. When bacteria enters this equation, it can cause inflammation which leads to severe acne. 

For more severe cases of active acne, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor who may prescribe treatments such as steroid injections or Accutane. The longer you leave inflamed acne, the more chances you have of developing acne scars. 

How do you treat acne scarring?

When looking for the right acne scar removal treatment for you, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Deciding what treatment will provide you with the best results will depend on the type and how severe your acne scarring is. 

Your first step is to have an initial consultation with one of our doctors or practitioners. This is where we will look at your medical history and the type of acne scars you have. From this, we can develop a tailored treatment plan that might include treatments such as microneedling or laser resurfacing. 

Acne scar treatment and acne scar removal in Bradford 

Laser skin resurfacing treatment

Laser skin resurfacing helps to effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars and restore smoother, more youthful-looking skin. It works by using advanced laser technology to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin. Collagen is a vital protein that helps to give skin its shape and keep it looking plump. 

By promoting the production of new collagen, this treatment helps to break down scar tissue and fill sunken or pitted acne scars. It also improves the overall texture of your skin and minimises any redness or inflammation as a result of acne. 

Not everyone is suitable for laser treatment, as it works best on lighter skin tones. You will need to have a patch test during your consultation to assess whether you are suitable to go ahead with treatment. 

Microneedling treatment

At MySkyn clinic, our microneedling treatment uses the SkinPen device. This offers a more precise and tailored treatment for tackling acne scars. It works by creating tiny micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. By doing this, it triggers the body’s natural healing response. This leads to an increase in collagen production and smooths the texture of your skin. 

Over time, this treatment helps your acne scars to fade and your skin to look more fresh, healthy and radiant. Another benefit of microneedling is that it is suitable for all skin tones and skin types, and for most areas of the body where acne scarring might be present. 

We do not advise having microneedling treatment if you have active acne. The needles can result in the bacteria for the acne spreading to the surrounding skin and resulting in more breakouts.

Chemical skin peels 

We use chemical skin peels for treating patients with both active acne and acne scars. They work by exfoliating the top layers of your skin, which increases cell turnover and removes dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria. As a result, they help to reduce the appearance of scarring, while also smoothing out the skin.

Chemical peels are a versatile treatment. They are different types of skin peels that can be tailored to your skin type and skin condition. A mild skin peel can help with mild scarring, whereas more severe scars may need a medium or deep peel. 

Start your journey to clear and smooth skin with MySkyn Clinic

When you visit MySkyn Clinic in Bradford for your face scar treatment, you feel safe in the hands of our experts. We are a small team of trained doctors and practitioners who always put the patient experience first. We take the time to give you clear and honest advice on what treatment will work best for you and deliver you the results you want. 

We are a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered clinic, which shows our commitment to providing a high-quality treatment experience. We are passionate about skincare and we design our tailored treatment plans to help you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

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MySkyn Clinic is based at the Allerton Health Centre in Bradford. We are located ten minutes from Bradford city centre by car where our patients can park for free outside the clinic. 


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