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Are all laser hair removal treatments the same?

The simple answer is no, as with all technology and equipment processes continue to evolve and improve. We recommend you avoid IPL(intense pulsed light) and ask for medical grade laser treatments, like the THUNDER MT laser.

Medical grade lasers use the same wavelength to treat the hair ? so they are more effective, and you get better results. Beware of what seems like a cheap offer as often you will not be treated with medical grade lasers.

After my course of sessions, will the hair be gone forever?

Hormones, lifestyle and medication can trigger hair growth. Therefore, it?s impossible to say that the hair will be gone forever. A top-up session is recommended six months to 2 years once you are finished with your course of laser and are happy with the reduction of your unwanted hair.

If I can?t make a laser treatment, can I ?make up it up later"?

Hair needs to be in the ?Active? (Anagen) stage of the hair; this is when the hair is attached to the blood supply and actively growing. Missing sessions may mean missing a growth cycle. Therefore, not achieving the desired results.

How long does a treatment take?

Time per treatment depends on the area being treated but with the THUNDER MT full body can be handled in as little as 1 hour! Other machines can take hours or even be split into two sessions. Smaller areas are typically done within 10-15 mins with the THUNDER MT.