Acne Scar Treatment in Bradford

My Skyn Clinic are proud to say that we offer acne scar treatment in Bradford. We have years of experience in this field and have amassed some impressive results.

We understand that acne, whether your case is mild or severe, can be upsetting and damage your self esteem none the less. Once your acne has gone, you can still be left with scars and marks from the condition. At MySkyn Clinic we have the ability and resources available to offer acne scar treatments. Our treatments will reduce and remove your scarring and help to boost your self esteem to be what it was prior to having acne.

What scars do I have?

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There are different acne scars that you might have; these are the Ice Pick scar, Boxcar scar, Rolling scar and the Hypertrophic scar. We would need to have a consultation with you to identify what scars you have and then we could assess how we will treat them.

How do we treat Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring usually requires combination of treatments to improve the appearances of the scars and will be determined by the type of scarring you have.

Treatment options include:

Contact us to discuss your treatment options. You will have a detailed consultation, where a thorough medical history will be taken and an examination done before offering you treatment options.

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