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Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes Treatment at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

Tired Eyes, Eye Fatigue and Eyestrain

Driving on your commute back and forth from work, spending long hours in front of a computer screen, reading your favourite magazine or book on your mobile device or tablet and other daily routine tasks can make your eyes very fatigued. Most of the times we just need to find time to rest our eyes, but in some cases this is not enough.

Eye Fatigue and Tired Eyes are other terms for what is commonly known as Eyestrain, i.e. when eyes feel weak, achy, or heavy due to extensive use.

What Causes Tired Eyes?

Anything requiring a prolonged use of sight can cause eye fatigue. In particular long hours working in front of a computer screen can strain and tire our eyes, especially in poor lighting conditions. Staring at a monitor dries out the tear film very quickly because involuntary blinking becomes a lot less frequent than normal, and focusing on the monitor at a constant distance can be demanding for our eyes.

Medical research has shown that many devices we now use on a daily basis have a negative impact on our eyes. Regular use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, browsing the Internet, social media apps, reading emails etc. all these activities put extra strain on our eyes.

Tired Eyes can come from a number of common activities. Anyone who drives a lot, browses through a book or stares at the blackboard at school for long periods of time finds that their eyes tire very quickly. Additionally, tired eyes are a normal sign of fatigue after a long day.

What Are the Symptoms of Tired eyes?

Common signs and symptoms of eyestrain include:

  • Sore or irritated eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Trouble focusing
  • Burning eyes
  • Difficulty reading
  • Dry eyes/watery eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders, or back
  • Headaches, Fatigue and Nausea

These symptoms can reduce your productivity. Normally sleep restores your eye with essential nutrients, and the lack of sleep may lead to repeated eye irritation. Some signs that your lifestyle is beginning to take its toll on your eyes include dark circles, puffiness, face lines and wrinkles, crow?s feet, sagging skin, redness and facial thread veins.?Eyes are often the first place to reveal the signs of ageing, as in those areas the skin is thinner and more likely to be creasing.

The main cause of lines and wrinkles is a decrease in the amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins are responsible for our skin?s elasticity, but their production drops as we age. The best way to postpone the appearance of these lines is to use an sun protection product to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water and follow a good skin care routine, particularly one with a deep acting moisturiser.


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