The best facial in Bradford?

Written and Reviewed by Dr. Uzma Qureshi
Published on: 10/05/2022

Having trouble deciding which facial in Bradford deserves the title of ‘The Best’?

You are not alone! There is a whole world of facial treatments out there, and sifting through them all to find that one perfect fit can be a real pain.

There are ways to narrow down your options, but one of the best might be to look for facials that cover a variety of bases.

One such facial is the Hydrafacial; a six-step facial that is award-winning in its ability to treat all skin types, including acute skin conditions.

This facial uses natural products to gently coax lasting health back into the skin, leaving you fresh-faced and glowing.

best facial in Bradford

What is the best facial in Bradford?

There are many different types of facial available in Bradford and it is a struggle to weigh up the pros and cons. Even when you believe you are starting to get a feel for the distinct types available, you will find the same facial offered by a different clinic under a different name. It’s a nightmare to keep track of them all!

The truth is that there is no singular best for everyone. Every person’s skin is unique and requires tailored treatment. What suits you may not suit your best friend.

When choosing a facial, you should take into account:

  • Your skin type – does your skin get dry easily? Is it oily? Is it both?
  • Any skin conditions you may have – is your skin sensitive to certain chemicals or exfoliating processes? Do you need specific treatment?
  • The results you are hoping to achieve – do you want to reduce signs of aging, or do you just want to improve skin health through exfoliation and moisturiser? Do you have a skin condition you want to alleviate?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your research. Any trustworthy Bradford clinic should be able to answer enquiries at no additional charge, so if you see a facial you are interested in, pick up the phone and find out if it suits your needs.

There are some facials that are designed to treat a wide range of skin types and are effective for the majority of people. One example is the Hydrafacial.


Why is Hydrafacial the best?

A Hydrafacial is a six-step facial that is suitable for all ages and skin types, including those with specific skin conditions. It is essentially a mega-facial that combines six facials into one to cover a wide range of needs.

One of the latest treatments available, the Hydrafacial uses patented vortex technology that involves a spiral suction tip which gently dislodges impurities while infusing serums. This not only cleanses the skin but detoxifies and hydrates it as well.

Only botanical ingredients and antioxidants are used, making it a natural and gentle process that removes dead skin cells and draws toxins out of the skin.

This revolutionary technology is non-invasive, only being applied to the skin surface. It enables the Hydrafacial to treat acute skin conditions– like acne and pigmentation– where many other facials cannot.

Skin is rejuvenated, producing a healthy and youthful glow on top of a smooth, plump complexion. Results last for around a week, but skin health can be improved for up to a month. After several Hydrafacial treatments, signs of aging begin to reduce.

Hydrafacial Breakdown:


A lymphatic drainage technique is used to increase circulation and blood supply to the targeted area. This strengthens support cells in the skin with supplemented oxygen and improves hydration, tightening the skin and restoring firmness.


A gentle suction tip is used to remove dead skin cells and reveal the healthy, new skin underneath. A serum of lactic acid, glucosamine and botanical extracts is also applied at this stage to nourish the skin.


A glycolic and salicylic solution helps loosen impurities– such as blackheads– from your pores, refreshing your skin.


These impurities are removed from the pores with a serum of natural salicylic acid and honey extract.


Your skin is plumped and rehydrated with a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides.


Natural production of collagen in the body is stimulated with red and infrared LED light to restore the skin’s youthful elasticity. This also reduces redness, leaving your skin glowing and clear.

Hydrafacial – the best facial at MySkyn Clinc, Bradford

Because of its wide range of applications and instant results, the Hydrafacial is one of the most popular treatments we offer at the Bradford MySkyn Clinic.

Before carrying out this treatment, we would need to assess your suitability with an initial consultation. It is rare that anyone is not suitable for the hydrafacial, but it may be that another, more targeted facial could benefit a specific skin condition.

Our Bradford clinic is CQC registered and led by experienced surgical and aesthetic doctor, Dr. Qureshi. Our team comprises qualified doctors, pharmacists and aesthetic specialists who are here to ensure your comfort at all times.

Hydrafacial Cost at MySkyn, Bradford

One of the most common questions we get is: ‘Are Hydrafacials worth the money?’

We can only provide you with clear advice on skincare, allowing you to make your own informed decisions.

To that end, we can tell you that regular Hydrafacial treatments cause dramatic improvement to your skin over time. One treatment a month for six months will have you looking like a before and after picture in a glamour magazine. With regular treatment, wrinkles and blemishes begin to disappear, and that healthy glow will sing from your skin for longer periods of time.

The cost of Hydrafacial treatment at MySkyn is:

  • Single Hydrafacial Treatment – £120 Per Treatment
  • Hydrafacial Package Of 6 – £90 Per Treatment
  • Hydrafacial Package Of 12 – £80 Per Treatment

You are welcome to try out a single treatment to see if you like the experience. If you find that you do, you can add that treatment to a treatment plan within 7 days to save money on a package.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, phone our Bradford clinic on 01274 921121 or contact us online to book a consultation today.

MySkyn Clinc is located at: Allerton Health Centre, Belldean Road, Bradford, BD15 7WA.

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