Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

What are the 5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes During Menopause?

Written and Reviewed by Dr. Uzma Qureshi
Published on: 24/04/2024

13 million women in the UK have already reached the end of their reproductive age or are approaching it. During this transition, managing the bothersome symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal itching along with social life gets difficult. What if you get guides on their management? For example, exploring what are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause will be helpful.

If you are looking for such easy guides, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will explore the remedies for hot flashes during menopause to feel better and more confident. Use these remedies, share them with your friends who are going through the same symptoms, and empower them in their journey as well. 

Hot flashes during menopause

There are a lot of things going side by side during perimenopause and menopause; identifying the episode of a hot flash could be difficult. Know that it is a hot flash when you feel a sudden wave of heat spreading around your upper body (face, neck, and chest). You can feel your heart racing and a feeling of weakness and anxiety inside you. Warm weather, stress, and consuming hot drinks (tea or coffee) can trigger these episodes.

This wave can last for 3–4 minutes, leaving you uncomfortable. Do not worry, as it happens due to the changes in the blood vessels inside you. Declining oestrogen levels are the main reason for these episodes. 

Hot flashes can also occur while you are sleeping. These are called night sweats. Such episodes can drown you in sweat during sleep. What are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause? Let’s explore.

Your Handy Guide: What are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause?

Fighting the unpleasant symptoms is not easy, and you may always be looking out for treatment options. Hormonal treatments, when used over a long period, can have potential risks like heart disease and cancer. 

If you are not comfortable choosing any of the medical treatments, these 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause will help you make a better transition; you can enjoy your daily and social life confidently. 

Dietary modifications-tuned

    Dietary for hot flashes

    Do you know that your body is a fine-tuned machine that needs fuel to work? Yes, it is! Your body works like a machine, and your diet is its fuel. The quality and quantity of this fuel matter a lot. Your diet plays a great role in balancing your hormones and managing menopausal symptoms.  

    To manage these bothersome hot flashes that hit you out of nowhere, you need to cut out on a high-fat diet. Fatty foods increase the risk of inflammation and disturb your normal metabolism, further playing with temperature regulation in your body. Try to include low-fat foods in your diet to reduce the heat. 

    Following a Mediterranean-style diet (with less meat and sugar) has shown some potential reduction in the intensity and severity of hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. This diet focuses on consuming plants, fruits, and lean proteins (beans, lentils, eggs, and fish). Avoid eating dairy products like cheese and yoghurt as well. 

    Breathable fabrics

      What are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause? One of them is to wear breathable clothes. Remember the last time you were wearing a specific cloth when a hot flash hit you? It may be because that fabric raised the temperature of your body.  

      Choosing the fabric during menopause can make a big difference in how you feel. Synthetic and warm fabrics can trap heat inside and trigger episodes. Always choose clothes that are made of cotton and linen, loose in fitting, and lightweight. 

      You can also dress up in layers, so it will be easier to remove any layer when you feel the heat has started spreading. 

      Herbal remedies for hot flashes

        Herbal remedies for hot flashes

        In 2018, a randomised controlled trial was conducted on 82 women who were going through hot flashes. For eight weeks, the test group was given 450 mg of herbal supplements. When the results were calculated, it was seen that there was a significant drop in severity, duration, and number of hot flash episodes in the test group. This research suggests using herbal extracts to manage hot flashes.

        Sage is a clinically proven herbal substance for the treatment of hot flashes. A 2011 study in Switzerland concluded that taking one tablet of fresh sage leaves daily could treat headaches and hot flashes.

        Most of the herbal substances, like red clover, soy, ginseng, and primrose oil, are easily available. There are phyto-oestrogens (acting like oestrogen) in soy and red clover that can be used to reduce the hot flashes during menopause. Some women have found these substances helpful, but there is no clinical study in support of this information.


          What are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause? Hypnosis is another answer. It is a state of deep relaxation. You disengage from your surroundings and concentrate on something that someone else (who might be your therapist) suggests during this relaxation technique. This technique helps reduce anxiety and manage the triggers of hot flashes during menopause. 

          Your mind is able to get extra help by getting relaxed, and you feel better. According to research, it is one of the best non-hormonal management options for hot flashes. Moreover, you can learn how to perform hypnosis, so you do not always require a therapist or anyone else for this relaxation method. 

          In 2017, 71 postmenopausal women were divided into two groups to study the effects of hypnosis combined with a medication or a placebo medicine with or without hypnosis. Results showed that hypnosis alone reduced the episodes of hot flashes as effectively as medication did. 



            If you are struggling with depression along with hot flashes, being physically active can help you a lot. Exercise not only helps you stay in shape and strong, but it also calms your mind and reduces joint pain menopause. You may feel productive and more active after exercising. 

            To look more into how exercise helps with hot flashes, researchers gathered and studied the data from June 2020 to June 2022. They analysed different types of studies on this topic. 

            Interestingly, most of the studies showed that doing aerobic or resistance exercises regularly could reduce the number of hot flashes. Even a single session of moderate-intensity exercise seemed to help. However, pushing yourself too hard during exercise might not be a good idea, as it may trigger an unpleasant episode. 

            You may engage yourself in moderate exercises like going out for a walk and lifting some light weights. You will feel better. 


            Managing hot flashes during menopause is not an easy task; it may make you depressed or lose confidence. Always remember that you are not feeling these pesky symptoms alone; there are a lot of women out there on the same page. But, what are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause?  

            First and foremost, tweak your diet; say no to all the high-fat, sugary, and spicy products. Prefer incorporating eggs, fish, legumes, and a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet. To feel better, you have to eat better. 


            What are the 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause transition?

            The 5 natural remedies for hot flashes during menopause include modifying your diet, wearing breathable clothes, exercising daily, using herbal teas and managing your stress by hypnosis. 

            What fruits help reduce hot flashes?

            Certain fruits like citrus fruits, berries, pineapple, watermelon, and avocado, contain antioxidants and compounds that may help reduce hot flashes during menopause.

            How do I stop hot flashes fast?

            To stop hot flashes fast, you can:

            1. Dress in layers.
            2. Carry a portable fan with you.
            3. Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine.
            4. Quit smoking
            5. Maintain a healthy weight.

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