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Bespoke Packages

Pre-wedding Booster

MySkyn understands that when you start planning for you big day everything has to be perfect. We want you to walk down the aisle feeling confident and beautiful. The aim of MySkyn wedding packages is to allow you to relax and build up treatments gradually through a time frame that best suits you. Often the most popular treatments for the bride and groom are permanent laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and body inch loss and contouring. However, this is a bespoke tailor made treatment package and we want to build it around what you feel will help you look flawless on your big day. A detailed consultation with our Doctor or Aesthetic practitioner will be focused on you and your vision of how you want to look on your wedding day.

We also have a aesthetic practitioner who has over five years experience in the bridal and makeup industry who can help you choose treatments to best compliment your bridal gown and makeup on the day.

Please contact MySkyn for for information or feel free to book a consultation.

**This package is for the bride & groom, however family members are also welcome to this package.

Post-natal Programme

We understand that pregnancy can change a woman’s skin and body, often there are certain areas of concern several months or more after child birth. Although it is very important to allow the skin and body time to heal and recover, we often find the tummy, bottom and thighs can have gained weight or lost firmness, along with stretch marks becoming apparent. The skin can also respond negatively to hormonal changes in pregnancy, acne scarring and pigmentation can be of concern.

MySkyn will be happy to guide you at your own pace to getting your body back to the way you want it to look and help target any skin changes that may have occurred in pregnancy.

Please contact MySkyn for for information or feel free to book a consultation.

Men & Women's Skin Rejuve

We often find that as we reach our maturer years, we begin to see changes in our skins tone and texture. Many men and women want a non-surgical range of treatments and products to make the skin look younger, brighter and target wrinkles and lines on the face and neck. Skin rejuvenation treatments often become maintenance and can help with conditions such as wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, vascular conditions and skin firming to keep skin youthful for longer.

A consultation with a fully trained aesthetic practitioner will help you address some of these key concerns and a treatment plan can be tailor made for you. The doctor at MySkyn will also be involved in any consultations if we feel need a more expert opinion.

Please contact MySkyn for for information or feel free to book a consultation.

Pre & Post Holiday Pick Up

When planning a holiday we want our hair, skin and body to look at its best. You may just want to focus one one area, so it’s looking great on holiday, but the package can be built around a number of concerns you may have to get you boosted for your holiday. A consultation will help MySkyn team to tailor the treatments to your needs.

Every skin is unique to how it responds to the sun and professionals use the Fitzpatrick scale to determine a particular skin type. This is important to be able to determine what treatments and products are suitable for each individual. Although most people want to go on holiday to enjoy as much sun as possible, sun protection is essential to keep you skin safe and healthy whilst on holiday. MySkyn aesthetics team are experienced in being able to offer a range of products to prevent dehydration, sun damage and ageing which can occur due to sun exposure. We therefore, also offer this package for clients who have been on holiday and want treatments to reduce the signs of sun damage on their face and body.

Please contact MySkyn for for information or feel free to book a consultation.

Festive Treat for 1 or More

Around the festive season, birthdays, anniversaries and parties many people want to try out a new treatment to either pamper themselves or treat a family member or friend. To allow you to feel your very best for any occasion you can book in close to the event or allow yourself a course of treatments. Often the most popular treatments chosen in this package are those with immediate visible results, whether that is body contouring, skin tightening, dermal fillers for the perfect lips.

The flexibility of this package allows you to book up-to 3 people together, and enjoy sharing the experience together.

Please contact MySkyn for for information or feel free to book a consultation. If multiple bookings are made for this package please let us know so we can arrange the clinic to best suit your needs.

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