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Laser Hair Removal and Reduction

Quanta Thunder MT Technology Device at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

Medical grade laser hair removal can offer long-term relief from excess hair. Previously high costs, lengthy sessions, and limited success rates led to clients becoming disheartened about hair removal treatments. But hair reduction technology has improved tenfold in recent years, and MySkyn Clinic offers laser hair removal in Bradford as the ultimate solution to remove unwanted hair in a clinical environment.

How laser hair removal works

During laser hair removal treatments, a laser beam is focused at the base of the target structure (in this case the hair follicle) before the energy is delivered to the root. Suitable for use on body hair or facial hair, laser hair reduction is a safe, effective, and clinically-proven method that works for all skin types.

The principle upon which laser hair reduction treatments work – selective heating through the absorption of light – is known as PHOTO-THERMO-LYSIS (Light – Heat – Destroy). Results of laser hair removal treatments are long lasting, unlike shaving, waxing or hair removal creams, and they are an investment for your long term self-esteem and body confidence.

What makes MySkyn Clinic a leader in laser hair removal in Bradford and nationwide?

We are proud to be the UK?s first clinic to have used the innovative laser hair removal technology known as Quanta Thunder MT, which is designed to offer ultimate speed and client comfort. It uses mixed wavelengths of Alexandrite & Nd:YAG, which are known to be the gold standard technologies for laser hair reduction.

Introducing the Quanta Thunder MT

The Quanta Thunder MT is a cutting edge device offering up to two laser wavelengths, 755 nm and 1064 nm, in single or combined emission by the proprietary Mixed Technology. This combination represents right now the new Gold Standard for laser hair removal, dermatological vascular lesions and skin rejuvenation treatments. With the proven, effective and safe Mixed Technology, the overcoming of traditional practices is now a reality.

Advantages of using the Quanta Thunder MT

  • Effective performances on all hair types including fine hair
  • Effective performances on all skin types & colours
  • It is safe on all skin types including darker skin and tanned
  • Able to treat light coloured, blonde, red and dark hair
  • Increased results for treating vascular conditions due to Mixed Technology
  • Increased results for skin rejuvenation
  • Quick treatments times, with a full body being treated in under 40 minutes
  • All year around treatments
  • Painless treatments

Simultaneous and sequential laser emissions

The Mixed Technology performs the largest range of hair removal applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments. Thanks to the proprietary Mixed Technology, the Quanta Thunder MT allows the operator to easily select single or double wavelength emissions, using simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be adjusted according to the patient?s needs.

Simultaneous emission for hair reduction

Thunder MT Mixed Technology Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

The Mixed Technology combines two different laser wavelengths in a single emission with programmable fluence and pulse duration. The synergy of the two wavelengths is able to completely denature the hair follicles with improved safety, even on darker skin types, thanks to the reduced fluences requested. Under these conditions, epidermal temperature results reduced with improved safety and effectiveness.

Sequential emission for skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments

Thunder MT SkinCryo Skin Rejuvenation at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford
Thunder MT SkinCryo Vascular Treatment at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

The Skin Rejuvenation optimizes the effect Alexandrite has on pigmentations and that one Nd:YAG has on skin tightening just in one session with a significative decrease of session times. Additionally, the Quanta Thunder MT also includes a vascular treatment feature for the removal of facial and leg telangiectasia uses the Mixed Technology to guarantee a best result using the lowest fluences taking advantage of the different absorption of hemoglobin and methemoglobin.

Other benefits of the Quanta Thunder MT

The Optimized? spot shape has been designed to overcome the limits of traditional spot shapes and to guarantee incredible results in all areas with an even treatment and minimal overlapping. The Quanta System?s industry-leading shape with its reduced and controlled overlapping permits to perform treatments with total safety and effectiveness. The Optimized? spot allows the exact overlap on all skin surface instead of 4 passes for the square and round shapes.

Optimized Spot Shape Thunder MT Technology at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford
Optimized Spot Shape Thunder MT Technology at MySkyn Clinic in Bradford

Skin Cryo is an adapter that integrates the optics of pulsed laser with Zimmer air cooling. This adapter ensures a great pain reduction when treating large areas or harder hairs.

The maximum patient comfort is now reachable with Embedded Qool-Air, the optional air cooling system powered by Zimmer and embedded in the Thunder MT.

Questions and answers about laser hair removal and reduction

Why do I need a course of laser hair removal treatment?

Follicles have a hair growth cycle and in order for the hair to be destroyed it has to be treated in its growing stage. As the hair root cannot be seen below the skin, its state of growth cannot be identified at the time of the hair removal treatment.

At any one time only 30% of the body?s hair will be in the hair growth stage, therefore a course of laser hair reduction treatment is needed to achieve the best desired results.

Does laser hair reduction hurt?

This depends on the laser being used. one of our major contributing factors in investing in the Thunder laser was its ability to deliver pain free treatments. It does not ?hurt? but there will be a feeling of slight heating in the area being treated, sometimes described as a ?flick? of heat.

Some areas can be more sensitive than others during hair removal treatments. A chiller is used for all treatments, which reduces the heat sensation ensuring minimal discomfort.

How often will I need to come for treatment?

This is dependent on the stage and area of treatment. The guidelines are approximately for face 4-6 weeks and body 6-8 weeks, but ultimately it depends on the individual?s hair cycle.

MySkyn Clinic offers laser hair removal in Bradford in a clinical environment. A full consultation will allow you to ask any questions and a fully trained aesthetic therapist will discuss all the details of pre and post laser care with you.

Treatment Summary


Full body under 40 min


Immediate, but post care advice will be given


Clinical trials for the gold standard wavelengths it uses




Pain free, area may be warm for a few hours after treatment



Laser Treatments Price List

AreaPrice single sessionCourse of 6 sessionsCourse of 8 sessions

Tier 1

Choose one from:
Earlobes - Eyebrows - Fingers - Nipples - Nose

£ 80

£ 288
price per treatment

£ 320
price per treatment

Tier 2

Choose one from:
Cheekbones - Chin - Feet & Toes - Hands - Jawline - Sideburns - Upper Lip - Hands & Fingers - Back of Neck

£ 90

£ 324
price per treatment

£ 360
price per treatment

Tier 3

Choose one from:
Jawline & Chin - Upper Lip & Chin - Front of Neck - Navel Pubis

£ 110

£ 396
price per treatment

£ 440
price per treatment

Tier 4

Choose one from:
Jawline & Chin & Upper Lip - Underarms - Bikini Line

£ 130

£ 468
price per treatment

£ 520
price per treatment

Tier 5

Choose one from:
? Face & Front of Neck - Beard - Full Face

£ 140

£ 504
price per treatment

£ 560
price per treatment

Tier 6

Choose one from:
Full Face & Front of Neck - Abdomen - ? Back - Bikini Line Extended - Bikini Line & Under Arms

£ 150

£ 540
price per treatment

£ 600
price per treatment

Tier 7

Choose one from:
Buttocks - Chest - Lower Arms - Upper Arms - Shoulders - Bikini Line Extended & Underarms

£ 180

£ 648
price per treatment

£ 720
price per treatment

Tier 8

Choose one from:
Lower Legs - Shoulders & Upper Arms - Thighs - Full Arms

£ 200

£ 720
price per treatment

£ 800
price per treatment

Tier 9

Choose one from:
Chest & Abdomen - Full Back or Full Legs

£ 220

£ 792
price per treatment

£ 880
price per treatment

Tier 10

Choose one from:
4 Areas from Tier 1-7 Only

£ 420

£ 1,512
price per treatment

£ 1,680
price per treatment

Full Body: 8 Sessions ?2,650
Full Body & Face: 8 sessions ?2,950

Pay 50% upfront and the final payment to be paid half way through your course